Creative Industry Personalities: Galina Andreeva

We have done a series of in-depth interviews with representatives of the creative industry in Odessa to understand how they define themselves, what they mean by “creative economy” and what difficulties and challenges they face in the course of work.

The first short excerpts are published from the conversation with Galina Andreeva, co-owner of the bookstore “BOOK: Territory of Children’s Books”.

About the Business

I used to spend a lot of time in online bookstores choosing the books where everything would be perfect – name, illustrations, texts, translation and paper quality – for hours. Together with a like-minded girl-friend we have decided to try and open a store where there will always be a good selection and we shall be able to share our favourite books with friends.

This is a matter of the soul and a place of power, to which the like-minded people are attracted and where exchange of energy takes place. Sometimes “BOOK” is like a child for me: it grows, matures, develops, acquires friends and brings something to this world.

A lot of people come and say, “I’ve been dreaming of a bookstore all my life, let’s cooperate!” Usually I answer, “Well, bring a plan of what you would like to do”. At this point, 98% of people fall away as they like to dream much more than to do something specific.


About the Difficulties

The main difficulty is the lack of a clear algorithm. It would be very helpful to people who want to achieve something and are not afraid to change their lives. I meet talented creative people who want to collaborate, but they don’t know how to apply their energy.

From the point of view of professionalism, there is a lack of practical skills. Let us suppose, artists are taught to draw, but illustrations are a certain technical skill. For example, a book with 20 illustrations should be kept up in one style, not just emotionally draw one picture, but work out rhythmically and meet the deadlines.

I have a lot to learn, though my first education is “Management” at the Economic and Legal Department. I understand that I have received almost no tools for business management or interaction with subordinates. Education does not keep up with the changes of the outside world, children at schools and institutes study what is no longer relevant and will not be useful to them.

About The Creative Economy

It is difficult for me to name the areas that relate to the creative economy. It seems that this is not even about WHAT is being done, but about HOW it is being done, what internal value is put into it.

In the near future, the most valuable qualities of a person as an employee will become creativity, the ability to think broadly, volumetrically, the ability to see, and the ability to create and program certain events.

Business is business (whether you do it from the heart or not), it should be profitable or at least self-supporting. I believe that if business brings just minuses, then you’re doing something wrong.


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