Creative Industry Personalities: Aleksandr Milov

We have done a series of in-depth interviews with representatives of the creative industry in Odessa to understand how they define themselves, what they mean by “creative economy” and what difficulties and challenges they face in the course of work.

We publish excerpts from the conversation with a Ukrainian artist, sculptor and author of monumental sculptures “Love” (“Burning Man”) and “Archangel Michael” (“Stalkanat”) Aleksandr Milov.

About the Creative Industry

Creative is artistic, and industry is everything that concerns the development from particular to a stream, into production. This is what I do today. Creative industry is creative production.

If we talk about creativity, then it is subjected to the goal to achieve discovery, to find what will surprise even you, to grow above yourself. The prearranged amount of money received at the end is not the main criterion. The artist usually does not have a task to do much, he thinks about the unit, the final result of his personal creativity. Then commercial people turn everything into streams and I do not think that these are artists ‘ problems at all.

If we start to deal with production issues, then there are no and cannot be any artists there, because everything will end ugly. Predictable people interacting with predictable people are needed. Nobody pays someone for being a genius; it is a liability that is paid for.

The first and most important thing to understand is that everything you come up with is possible. There is nothing unrealizable that a man can think of. All restrictions are imposed by society fears and laziness.

About the Projects

I am engaged in personal creativity, but in some way or another it is connected with money because a large number of people is involved. I can’t bend huge pipes for monumental sculptures, and I’m sitting in the area of sketching, establishing contacts and finding finance.

I slammed the sum of the political campaign, on which I was working, on the sculpture Love, the one that started the movement of all the processes. By and large, this is the moment of birth: the change of the assembly point, when you start playing in a completely different way. The sculpture brought a huge number of calls from the outside, which made it clear — we must try to understand what we can be useful with.

We want to build a company for the production of facades, signs, benches, i.e. the elements of urban scenery. We have involved in this because there will be a demand and it will shape people’s thinking, so we put a certain symbolism there and train with technologies.

It is clear that there is an ordinary man who does not care at all, he needs to live somehow and he has nothing to eat. And I am engaged in creativity, which can be sold or be interesting only on a full stomach.

About the Difficulties

For me, the main problem in interaction is the lack of a common language between people. Many put themselves in such conditions, in which they cannot fulfil their obligations as they often think better about themselves than they really are. There is no sobriety in assessing the picture as a whole.

We need a transparent, functioning state system. We need people who can set an example like front men. We need initiatives with which everyone can share at least a piece of energy, even if they do not have anything of their own. And then people will have a feeling that they are a community, which can improve something, and they will see the result of what they are doing.

We have always lacked a general producer. There were a lot of talented lads and a lot of ideas, but there was no money or understanding how to organize it. Eventually, I had to become one. Now I perform this function for all friends and acquaintances. But as to me, I set myself the task to buy my time back to allow myself to do what I want. For the time being it’s too expensive for me to afford it.


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