Personalities in the Creative Industry: Regina Marianovskaia-Davidson

There was a line of in-depth interviews with the representatives of the creative industry held in Odessa in order to understand how they determine, what understand under “creative economy”, and what difficulties and challenges they face in the course of their work.

We are publishing short fragments of the talk with Regina Marianovskaia-Davidson, director-documentary maker, publisher of Odessa Review, English magazine about the Ukrainian culture.

About the personal projects

Odessa Review was launched with a desire to create a somewhat calling card of Ukraine in order to talk about other things apart from the war, Maidan and reforms, about the fact that we have a history, which is little known of in France, England, America. We`d like to speak right about this: the fact that modern Ukraine exists nowadays.
Odessa Review is likely a mix of business and hobby as the business project has not grown up yet so to make money. At present, it still needs investments, grants. We`d like to develop it so that it gets regained. It is not exactly a hobby, but we love what we do.

We find partners thanks to our personal contacts. Readers smoothly come via Facebook. We also try to participate in various events, serve as media partners of major cultural events. We had presentations at Book Arsenal, Publishers` Forum in Lviv, New York and Washington.

During the last two years, I threw myself into creating and developing the magazine. During this year, I am going to finish a documentary film that I was directing in New York in 2012 about the Russian-speaking violin girl, Oistrakh`s student.

About the education

Not every photograph, illustrator, journalist knows what the copyright is needed for, and which national laws protect it. It is obligatory for educational institutions to have an intellectual property course, where it is clearly explained about the existing laws, amendments thereto and so forth.

It is sure thing that English is necessary. Musicians, directors should definitely know it as people cannot make a product today and just rely on the public visiting their pages if they want to become successful. You have to participate in festivals as it is a way for promoting a film, book, musical album.

I constantly practice in the magazine as I have not dealt either with the press or publishing before. But, even if I had a specialised education, I think, I`d still have to learn many things in the course of work. I finished 5 years of study at the department of cinematography, speciality – director-documentary maker. But if I launched a production in Ukraine now, I`d be learning a lot in practice.

About the difficulties

I studied in France, left for Odessa then. And it is not clear for me why a journalist must be a sole trader for getting his fees. And why, if he is not a sole trader, is it necessary to charge him with such a big tax? Why isn`t it possible to send an employee on a business trip and pay for his road? Such tiny things are completely absurd and unwanted for me.

An accountant just gets tickets, invoice and other documents in Europe and America. There, such expenditures are written off for the event planning as part of their work.

An experienced professional will always cost more than a young one at the market. We should understand what our budget allows us today, what we want and what our goals are. I am always for giving way to the youth, but if only I see that a person wants to be trained. Some mistakes can be corrected. And if a person does not grow, then why spend time and money for it? We have young people employed, and we are lucky that, for instance, a person has rather quickly get up to speed and learned a lot while being a student and combining work with study.



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