Personalities in the Creative Industry: Sergei Pudich

There was a line of in-depth interviews with the representatives of the creative industry held in Odessa in order to understand how they determine, what understand under “creative economy”, and what difficulties and challenges they face in the course of their work.

We are publishing short fragments of the talk with Sergei Pudich, Ukrainian advertising and film director, owner of the motion-picture company “EasyLiving Films”.

About his activity

I started filming my first commercials in 2010 and submitting them to various student competitions and commercial tenders. At the same time, I was engaged in a job related to my first education – political sciences. At one moment, I understood that it is not efficient to combine two directions as a bit is lost here and there. I decided to stop and choose a way of moviemaking.

For accessing the film industry, it is necessary to learn how to create shorter forms, so I started making social and commercial ads. Getting a fairly large number of awards at various festivals and contests, I still dreamt of making films. I made my first film in 2015 with the German grant. In 2016, I won another social advertising contest, where one of the prizes was to study at the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts (KAMA), due to what I moved to Kyiv, where I stayed for working,

For the next year, I`m going to finish four scripts I`m writing now, and to start making films under them. Cinematography is not a year, so the films are likely to be released in 2019. Plus, I want to film two or three shorts and, probably, one documentary in Italy and one in Ukraine.

About the creative industry

Culture is a wider notion than creative industry. As I understand, creative economy is a set of processes in the creative industry, which form a certain value product. If we measure the economy just in monetary terms, the creative economy is measured in other units.

Movie-makers, who want to get financing, present a script, elaborated film concept, and a special board decides whether to give money for this film or not. But this script was created by someone. This stage of creation of a script is called development, so there is development of an idea, and almost no one pays for it. Renting the equipment and premises is obvious money spending. When you pay for the intellectual activity, it is more difficult to measure the cost of revenue and investment, that`s why it is taken for granted.

I communicate with the German partners and understand that we have a great gulf between us at the level of thinking. Europe has already achieved success in developing the creative industry, so we should learn from them where and how to search for money. Let everyone deal with the creative part of work in his own style, but where to get money for it and how to sell it should be learned. We should understand the value of the product created and be able to properly present and advertise it.


About the networking education

If speaking about the search of international investments, generally, it`s networking and festivals. Some days ago, I had a meeting where circa 30-40 producers from Europe and Canada were. Within our informal communication, we agreed and exchanged our business cards. If there is an offer interesting for both, then we will cooperate. If this event were not held, I`d never meet them.

I am a representative of the European Leadership and Debates Academy, and we arrange about 5 training courses per a year for the countries of Eastern Europe. They are held in Odessa, Kyiv, Lviv, Armenia, Georgia and other countries of the Eastern partnership. Depending on the training course subject, we invite the film industry representatives, journalists, public men.

Here is a saying: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!” Firms and ads are close to it. These domains are your lifestyle, profession and hobby.


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